The Hardest Job in the World, Hands Down!

I am the mother of a 20 month old and a six week old. I’ve been on maternity leave since the end of January, but my older son has still been going to the babysitter on weekdays because I was absolutely terrified to have them both home with me when I was alone.

Well, I had good reason to be.

Yesterday he stayed home with his sister and me. I needed a nap before lunch. Here’s what I learned yesterday during my first solo parenting day of two under two…

1) My son is smart enough to know that the best time to get away with things is when I’m nursing his sister, hence the grabbing of cell phones and various other things he shouldn’t have.

2) My daughter is a trooper as proven by the many times she let me hastily throw her into her bouncy seat without making a peep.

3) Last, but perhaps most valuable is the fact that I will be able to bribe my son with barbecue sauce.


I am clearly one of those rare women who need to work a full time job to keep sane. Stay-at-home moms, more power to you!


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