Who needs toys?

My son often goes for the box that his toys come in. One of his favorite boxes is the box from diapers.com. This morning he discovered the box at the bottom of the stairs and began exclaiming, “Bok! Bok!”

We took the box into the living room and I chuckled all morning as he loaded it up with toys, diapers, the dog’s leash, his favorite companion George the monkey, and his potty seat.

As he was occupied, and his sister was sleeping, I took this opportunity to use the bathroom. Before I was done washing my hands, I hear him screaming, “Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!” My heart sank and I ran out around the corner to this scene…


Needless to say, my fear turned to laughter as I saw his little feet dangling above the floor. This my friends, is precisely one of the reasons I had children.


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