Crafts and Cocktails

Aaaaahhhh! Adult conversation!

I needed some time with friends so I planned a “Crafts and Cocktails” night with a few of them. I invited four girls (funnily enough, all of whom I went to high school with) for a night of appetizers, drinks, and crafting. Because of all of our hectic mommy schedules, we had to reschedule and only two could make it. I supplied the crafting materials and appetizers while the girls each brought a drink to share.

Saturday at 8:00, the girls came over. My oldest was already in bed and my husband was a saint and put my youngest to bed. We enjoyed various cheeses and crackers, sweet onion and Gorgonzola pastries, and chocolate dipped cream puff pastries. The girls brought a raspberry lambic and Skinny Girl Cosmo, both of which were absolutely delicious and gone by the end of the night.

As far as the crafting, the girls made the St. Patrick’s Day wreath I posted about previously while I made a spring wreath to replace the St. Patrick’s Day wreath.


All in all, it was a successful night and of eating, drinking, and crafting. We talked about laboring, delivering, and parenting our children all while my poor husband sat in the adjacent family room trying to watch the Carolina/Duke game while at the same time trying to ignore our conversation which he probably had no desire to hear.


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