Two Month Shots Stole My Mellow Baby

So on Tuesday my husband took my ten week old daughter for her two month well child visit. Everything was perfect. Sixtieth percentile for weight and eightieth percentile for height. We may have a super model on our hands folks!

Every parent knows that the two month appointment is when the vaccinations begin (if you choose to go that route). It’s a good thing that my husband took her because being in the same room with my children when they get shots may very well be my least favorite thing in the world. One time a nurse asked me to help keep my son still and I replied, “No thank you. I’m just going to go stand in that corner across the room and plug my ears.” If you haven’t been in the same room with an infant getting shots, consider yourself lucky.

When I picked the kids up from the sitter, they were both happy and my daughter slept in the car. My immediate thought was that I gave birth to one of those magical children who don’t fuss after shots, but just sleeps for two days. Boy was I wrong…

When we got home, the chaos began. My daughter was not happy and she’s usually not bothered by anything. My husband and I joke that she’ll sit in her own poop for an hour and smile the whole time. I have never heard her make any of the sounds she made that day. She was obviously bothered by the shots and her brother was bothered by her screaming. From 4:30-5:00 I had two kids under the age of two basically screaming in my face. They both tired themselves out just in time for my husband to get home from work, of course, so that when I tried to explain my half an hour of horror, I looked like a crazy person (which I’m sure I did anyway after them bombarding me with tears and screams).

I have a new motto for the upcoming days when I’m sure my daughter will be a little fussier and my son will continue to test us with the “terrible twos”. Keep calm and administer acetaminophen. Then we’ll have to do this all over in May at her next appointment. Yay!*

*dripping with sarcasm



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