Let there be light!

At least once a year, my family holds a craft challenge. We make a Facebook group for all the participants as well as friends and other family members. The date for submissions is announced and after pictures are posted, members of the group choose their favorite by commenting on the photo with the word vote.

The winner selects the next challenge. First were pine derby cars followed by bird houses, wind chimes, then most recently lamps. I won the wind chime challenge which had an extra stipulation; it had to be made from recycled materials. I made mine from a wine bottle with the bottom cut off, and fishing line draped with beer bottle caps bent in half. As the winner, I chose the most recent challenge of making a lamp. I chose this because I made one in a 3-D design class in high school and really enjoyed it.

I knew I wanted to make one that we could put to good use in the house so I decided to make one to fit in with my son’s sports-themed room; a baseball lamp.

The bottom is a pitcher’s rubber, the trunk, if you will, is made of stacked practice balls within a glove, and the lamp shade was purchased at K-mart. My husband was kind enough to help and drilled through the pitcher’s rubber and five practice balls. Through the center is a small metal pipe. We used a lamp kit from Home Depot and threaded the cord through the pipe and constructed the top of the lamp. I printed out a White Sox logo (my husband’s favorite team) and taped it on the inside of the lamp shade and traced it with a pencil on the outside of the lamp shade. I painted around the logo with black acrylic paint.

I think it turned out nicely and my husband loves it so much that he wants to put it on his desk at work. I have to keep telling him that we made it for our son’s room!

I submitted my picture on Saturday and so far I’m in the lead. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Now what to make next time…




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