Friendship Bread

You may have seen my mention of my favorite blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons in an earlier post. The creator, Toni Hammersley, recently started a book club that you can learn more about here.

The last book we read, Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, inspired me and a couple of girlfriends to get our own starter going. My friend Carly took the ball and ran with it!

I am currently on day six of my starter. Now unfortunately, it was made with milk so I won’t be enjoying the fruits of my labor, but the boys will! I’ll be baking on day ten and making two variations to keep; cherry cheesecake friendship bread and coffee toffee friendship bread. After that’s done and the starters are handed out to friends and family, I plan on making my own starter using almond milk so it’s dairy-free.

Stay tuned for another post when the baking fun happens!

If you’re interested in reading the book and making your own starter for friendship bread, you can purchase the book here.



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