Diaper Bag Organization with Thirty One


I’m excited to share how I organize my diaper bag. I can’t get away with being unorganized in this area because I have a two year old and a six month old!

I use Thirty One’s organizing pack. This messenger style back pack has been a lifesaver for our family. It’s not an overly girly print, so my husband will carry it too. The best thing about this bag is the compartments!


Each compartment gets its own contents. On the top left, you’ll see my son’s diapers and the wipes. On the top right, I keep my daughter’s extra bibs, burp cloths, and outfits. Below those, you’ll see her diapers. Below that, we keep plenty of snacks for my little guy and some small toys too. On the bottom left we have Boogie Wipes (a must-have for toddlers), diaper cream, and extra pacifiers and clips.

The bag unzips in the front which wonderful because you can easily get to whatever you need. It’s all in view!

It will remain useful when we no longer need a diaper bag as well. The compartments are attached with Velcro and come out easily. The bag also unzips on the top too so it can be used for other purposes down the line.

To learn more about this product and other great Thirty One products that can help you organize your life and home, visit my Thirty One web page here!


Handmade Anniversary Gift

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary. This year I decided to make my husband a gift, something to add to our home decor. Here’s what I made!


It was so easy! I purchased an 8×10 photo frame from Michael’s, teal scrapbook paper, heart shaped paper brads, and the most amazing crafting tool that ever existed! Did you know Fiskars makes shape punches? I got the large heart, but they have a whole variety of shapes. I was so excited to find one because I was dreading having to try to trace and cut out six identical hearts. You can find them here.

I decided on the six locations I wanted to include and simply printed out a google map for each. I cut them into hearts using the Fiskars heart punch. I inserted a heart shaped brad over Google’s little map pin because it’s much cuter!

Then in Microsoft Word I typed up the description for each; where we met, where we wed, honeymoon, first home, where our lives were born, and where we’ll spend forever.

After everything was cut I measured and marked the paper so the hearts would be evenly spaced. I used scotch tape to attach the map hearts and descriptions, but you could use craft glue.

Finally, I reassembled the frame and there you have it, a meaningful, handmade anniversary gift for your love.