$30 Pantry Makeover


In a quest to organize every room in my home this spring, I decided to begin with my pantry. This “room” is used multiple times on a daily basis, making the chaos even more noticeable and bothersome. I had previously tried using baskets to combat the wire shelving and the fact that nothing sat evenly on them.

I don’t have a before picture because I was so fed up with its current state that I had my husband empty everything out. This will give you a basic idea of the disarray.


I finally did what I said I was going to do all along; peel and stick tiles. I originally saw the idea on Pinterest and have been talking about it since. I headed over to Lowe’s and found the peel and stick floor tiles. My eye was instantly drawn to the rust stained concrete look. It goes well with our floors, cabinets, and countertops. I understand people won’t see them all the time, but it makes me feel better. I was able to purchase all the tiles I needed for about $30!

They are as easy as they seem. Just peel and stick! But at this point I have to thank my husband who spent hours, no joke, hours cutting and notching them to fit perfectly around the Closet Maid hardware. I volunteered him to help with this project and it did end up being a little lot more involved than we anticipated.

Here’s what they looked like once installed.



And here’s how the pantry looks now that we are no longer wasting space and relegating everything to baskets. I am still using them for the littles’ individual snacks, K Cups, and spices though.



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