Crocheted Stuffed Owl Pattern

I’ve really taken to small crochet projects lately. I like them because they give you an almost instant gratification.

I found this pattern on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot. While it didn’t turn out 100% the way I would have wanted it to (I forgot to switch to the brown on the front panel for the outer edge and ears), I think it’s pretty cute, and my littles do too.

What are your favorite quick projects?



Tuesday Morning Link Party

My post about the bearded beanie is linked up over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Head over to check out all the other inspiration on crafting, cooking, cleaning, and organizing!


Bearded Beanie

I am so excited about my most recent crochet project! So much so that I even mentioned it in the previous post about the new year. I wish I could say the same for my son though.

I found an easy to follow pattern for this incredible bearded beanie here while browsing Pinterest. My son loves the fact that my husband has a beard and he always talks about how Grandpa has a mustache, so I really thought he would be thrilled to wear this hat and have his own beard and mustache. Both the beanie and the beard were very quick projects and I was so excited to see him in it that I stayed up until about 12:30 one night to stitch them together in order for him to wear it the next day.

Cue the screaming toddler. My husband put the hat on him and showed him his reflection in the mirror and that was it. He won’t wear it again. If I try to get it on him to take a picture, he rips it off as quickly as his chubby, little, toddler fingers can!

My original intent was to include a picture of him wearing the hat along with this post, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. Instead, may I present my bearded nephew! My brother loved it so much that one of my next projects will be an adult sized bearded beanie…



Barefeet welcome!

Well, spring has finally sprung here in Pennsylvania, although it’s felt like summer the past week!

Just in time for spring, I completed my spring wreath. In a previous post I described the spring wreath that I made during my Crafts and Cocktails get together. I then had grand plans of crocheting a scalloped lace ribbon to hang the wreath with. Well I did and it was a beautiful disaster. The scalloped lace ribbon came out nicely. I used a fine, bright white, crochet thread and spent many a night working on it after the kids were in bed. My husband and I hung the wreath when the lace ribbon was complete. I actually use an upside-down command hook on the inside of our front door to hang my wreaths with. The ribbon was a little thick to go over the top of the door, but I thought it would still work fine.

The next morning when my husband headed out the front door with the dog, the slack that had been created by closing the door released and my wreath fell to the ground and broke into three pieces right on the front porch. I did a little wreath surgery, if you will, that night. I couldn’t use hot glue because that just melted the foam base. I joined the pieces together and used straight pins to reconnect them. If you look closely in the picture, you can see the green, pearly heads of the pins. Perhaps the saddest part was that I had stitched the crocheted lace ribbon together around the wreath and there was no other way to get it off other than cutting right through it. I may have shed a tear or two when I had to ruin it to remove it. Since my first idea didn’t work, I bought a clean, plain, white ribbon to hang the wreath over the door with.

Despite it’s tragic history, I think it looks beautiful on the front door. I like the contrast of the bright and airy wreath against the black. The next season in our house is birthday season for our son who is turning two. My next wreath will be one to celebrate his birthday and I’m making a spare for the giveaway too. Which reminds me, don’t forget to enter!

Front Door


Keep Calm and Crochet

Well folks, I’ve survived going back to work. I sure picked a doozy of a week to return too. All week I’ve been running our Scholastic book fair and to top it off, it’s parent/teacher conference week. It was dark when I drove to work this morning and dark when I drove home. I only got to see my babies for about fifteen minutes before they went to bed too. These twelve hour days are for the birds…

Now that the kids are tucked in and the house is picked up, it’s time to settle down for my new favorite hobby; crocheting. I’m making this blanket for my daughter. I have to give credit to my friend Teresa for sharing this beautiful star stitch that inspired the project.

So now the fire is roaring, the March Madness is in full effect and I sit down with hook in hand. My kind of night…