Turning Our House Into a Home

We built our home last year and moved in three weeks before Christmas. We were unpacked and decorated for the holidays just in time. My daughter arrived in January and since then, it’s been survival mode at our house. We’ve done a few things here and there like painting my daughter’s room, buying a new bedroom set for the master bedroom, and buying and hanging blinds on a few important windows like the one behind the toilet in the master bedroom. My husband was tired of peeing sitting down…

The windows in the living room were becoming a priority because they are facing the road behind the house, and as my dad would say, “I don’t like people looking at me.”

We decided to hang curtains a while ago and had gone on many excursions to find some but always with no luck. The curtains in the adjoining breakfast area are turquoise and the rug is a pale green.

Since the rooms are adjacent to one another I wanted to be sure they had some commonality to improve the flow. We have turquoise accents on the mantle and found beautiful orange, coral, grey, and white striped curtains. We went with a dark wooden rod capped with brushed aluminum ends. I think it works quite nicely and our house is beginning to look like a home.

My next project will be the decor for above the fireplace. I want to buy an ornate frame and spray paint it a coral color then sand it to make it look more rustic. I’ll cover the back with burlap and not insert the glass. I would like to then put a large white wooden M in the middle. That’s my goal for next week. Stay tuned!