An Easy Mason Jar Project


I love Mason jars and I knew I wanted to use them in the decor for my mantel, but I wanted to incorporate more of the orange and turquoise color scheme we’ve been using. I’ve seen painted Mason jars before, but wasn’t fond of the matte look. I wanted to paint them and maintain the glassy exterior.

This project was so easy! I have a collection of Mason jars of various sizes and ages. I picked three different deigns and used acrylic paint to paint the INSIDE of the jars. I poured the paint into the jars and turned them upside down to allow the paint to run down the sides. I then placed them upside down on a piece of cardboard to dry. They dried quickly and turned out beautifully!

When i bought the paint, i also bought some decorative grass, succulents, and Spanish moss from Michael’s to put in the jars. The whole process was so easy and I think they look lovely on the mantel.